They Saved Sister's Brain

My sister has a brain tumor, they've removed it twice, but it is elusive. This blog is meant to be informative, but also serves as an outlet for my point of view and how her illness affects me and adds to my education. I have a wicked sense of humor, and the images I post here, may seem oddly inappropriate. It is for those reasons, I will not refer to my sister or myself by name. I will use pronouns and titles only. If a path of links takes you here from some identifiable sources, such as facebook, or one of my public blogs fine. You then know more about me than an average webonaut and will probably see this as quintessentially "me". #k7nwj


One half score years ago (ten years ago today) I checked myself into the hospital, and was told I needed a transplant. Not just any transplant, but a heart transplant. Five days later I started blogging about it. It was an early example of a “care page”. Spoiler alert, I still have my original heart and it has improved steadily since. My secret? It is out there somewhere. Let’s look.

She did get released today.

Short answer, still waiting.


Today she is having surgery on her face. Some nerve damage from 2012 will be corrected when this surgery is a success. She has been very unhappy with looking unhappy.

  • She had facial nerve surgery yesterday to fix her Droopy smile.
  • Patient: Stitches by ear down to neck.  I will have a nice scar!  Going home tomorrow sometime.

Your coffee got cold? -

A year to the day after her surgery, she got a full time job offer. A year prior, she held a similar one as a long term sub, that ended coincidentally when she had scheduled her surgery.


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